Corporate Social Responsibility

As a firm, we are committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and philanthropic giving. Our aim is to improve our impact outside our practice and to engage in the wider social issues that affect the UK and the city in which we are based.
We encourage our workforce to donate time and other resources to causes that they can have a positive effect on. For instance, we have worked with BeyondMe in a way that involved members of our team engaging with young (often underprivileged) teenagers, advising them on their CVs and giving them interview practice.

As we work with clients on their philanthropic aims and aspirations, as well as administering a number of charitable trusts, it was also a natural step for us to set up our own charitable entity, New Quadrant Foundation. All of our team are encouraged to engage in charitable activity by means of Give As You Earn into the Foundation. Individuals can choose charities they wish to support and the Foundation will match their grants.

Team members are also instrumental in organising what we hope will become an annual New Quadrant Partners charity quiz.

We encourage the recycling of all paper, tin, glass, cardboard and plastic. Individual members of the team have embraced this, with a number of them volunteering to act as “Tree and Planet Defenders” and policing the unnecessary use of paper and plastic bags by their colleagues.

We feel that engaging the team with CSR has and will increase the good we can do collectively and individually, and opens our eyes to issues which often go unseen in the private client and wealth advisory industry.