Our Expertise

Clients come to us because we are an independent, dedicated team of experts with a broad understanding of legal and fiscal environments. This broader understanding is a fundamental part of what differentiates New Quadrant Partners. It means we guard against pitfalls, now and in the future.

No two clients are alike. Our strength lies in our ability to recognise and respond to those differences.

UK Wealth

Tax and social changes have transformed the way in which high net worth UK families approach the management of their wealth. We can help you with succession, tax, Wills and trust advice to ensure that your estate is passed on, whether during your lifetime or by Will, in the most efficient manner.


Trust and Tax Administration

We can provide both short and long-term assistance in all aspects of trust administration and tax compliance. We appreciate the difficulties involved in navigating the UK tax system and will work with you to ensure that your UK tax and reporting responsibilities are fully managed.


International Wealth

The landscape for international individuals and families is becoming ever more complex as tax rules change with increasing rapidity, and compliance and transparency requirements become more stringent. We can advise you, whether you are a resident non-domiciliary, a UK person with family or assets abroad, a non-resident with family or assets in the UK, or a member of an international family.


Protecting the Vulnerable and Elderly: Attorneys and Deputyships

We can advise you on a broad range of matters regarding mental capacity, property and financial affairs, health and welfare, and the Court of Protection. Individuals are living longer and mental health is a growing concern be it for ourselves, our family or our friends.