Our Expertise

Residence and Domicile

Residence and domicile determine your liability for tax in the UK and are important in establishing who will inherit your estate in the event of your death. We provide help and advice on areas including:

  • Your current status and the impact on your tax position and succession planning
  • Changing your status, eg so that you become non-resident, and guiding you in what you need to do to become non-domiciled
  • If you plan to come to the UK, pre-arrival planning to enable you to mitigate future UK tax and enable you to take maximum advantage of favourable tax rules for non-domiciled individuals, ie those whose permanent home is outside the UK
  • Becoming non-resident and the tax implication of doing so
  • Taking advantage of the favourable remittance basis available to UK resident non-domiciliaries
  • The new non-domicile rules and in particular, planning for deemed domicile and the special position of those non-domiciliaries who were born in the UK and who wish to become resident again

If you wish to speak to a member of our team and discuss how we can be of further assistance to you, please contact us on info@nqpltd.com.