Stephen Grace

Partner and Trust Director

I have worked in the private client field, including trust management, trust and personal tax compliance, for over 25 years. I act for a variety of clients, specialising in onshore relationships for family trusts and personal injury trusts. I have acted for some families for in excess of 25 years and in some cases I am now dealing with the third generation of the family.

As Trust Director, I oversee the trust management team at New Quadrant Partners, managing a large number of trusts, including all accounting, tax reporting and the day-to-day administration duties.

During the many years I have looked after private clients, I have developed an extensive knowledge of how to support and nurture private individuals especially those who have set up personal injury trusts after the award of a compensation payment. This includes cash profiling, assistance with managing monthly budgets, liaising with investment professionals, monitoring investment performance and completing trust and personal tax returns.

I also provide support to families who set up trusts to plan for the future to maintain the value of the family assets within a trust structure (particularly estates and businesses), so that future generations can be supported through education, helped with the purchase of property, and for the good of the family as a whole.

My primary aim is to build solid long-term relationships with my clients and help them and their families by providing them with an efficient, supportive and professional service.