Our Expertise

US/UK Planning

We say tom-ah-to and they say tom-ay-to. We ask for the bill and pay with a cheque. They ask for the check and pay with a bill. We tax on the basis of domicile and residence and they tax on the basis of citizenship. Anyone who has family, property or trust connections with both the US and the UK needs to understand how this affects their tax position and what reporting obligations they have in both countries.

We work with selected US lawyers and accountants or with your own advisors to help and advise on issues including:

  • Being an “accidental American” and what that means for your tax liabilities
  • Estate, succession and tax planning for mixed couples
  • How to provide for the American in the family
  • Double taxation and double tax reliefs
  • Trusts and the impact of an American beneficiary, and what trustees can do about it
  • Getting tax relief for charitable donations in both jurisdictions

If you wish to speak to a member of our team and discuss how we can be of further assistance to you, please contact us on info@nqpltd.com.