Our Expertise

The Remittance Basis

UK resident non-domiciliaries are eligible to claim the “remittance basis”, a favourable regime under which an individual is taxed on UK income and gains in the normal way, but is exempt from tax on non-UK income and capital gains unless they are brought to the UK. We can help and advise on all aspects of the remittance basis and remittance planning, including:

  • How you can take advantage of the remittance basis and traps to watch out for
  • Generating “clean capital” for tax-free spending in the UK
  • How to claim and how much it costs
  • The remittance basis and offshore trusts, whether you are the settlor, a beneficiary or the trustee
  • Claiming loss relief on offshore losses
  • How the new non-domicile rules affect the remittance basis

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