Marilyn McKeever's Case Studies

Residence, domicile and multi-jurisdictional estate planning

This matter involved advising a non-domiciled but UK deemed domiciled individual who moved abroad on:

  • Becoming non-UK resident
  • The loss of deemed domicile
  • Estate and succession planning depending on whether he survived the loss of deemed domicile or not
  • The impact of his current and future status on existing trusts for other members of the family
  • Liaising with US advisors to exploit the individual’s status in new planning to benefit US citizen members of his family

Top quality of knowledge and advice; appropriate response and no waiting times; personal approach and great value for money; Marilyn certainly goes above and beyond and the level of details in her work is beyond excellent - she is extremely smart and has an incredible human approach to the client.

Marilyn McKeever


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