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Moving from US to UK

Client X was a US resident, US domiciled individual. He established a revocable trust of which he was the sole trustee and transferred all his assets to it. The intention was to provide a vehicle that would not require probate in the event of his death and to enable his assets to be managed in a single efficient vehicle.

Client X subsequently became UK resident and domiciled. Client X retired as trustee in favour of a committee of trustees, one of whom was UK resident and the others were non-UK resident.

We advised client X on a number of issues relating to the status of the trust and whether it was a substantive trust for UK purposes or a bare trust, which was its status in the US. The UK tax consequences were very different depending on the status.

Zoe's professionalism and expertise are matched by her approachable manner and pragmatism. Her "hard skills" of deep technical knowledge and ability are delivered with the "soft skills" of a warm, humorous and confident bedside manner.

Zoë Camp


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