Our Expertise

International Wealth

The landscape for international individuals and families is becoming ever more complex as tax rules change with increasing rapidity, and compliance and transparency requirements become more stringent.

We can advise you on a wide range of matters, whether you are a resident non-domiciliary, a UK person with family or assets abroad, a non-resident with family or assets in the UK, or a member of an international family with people, businesses and assets in multiple jurisdictions. We can also help if you are the trustees of an offshore trust or a family office, private bank or a professional looking after international individuals or their wealth structures. In particular:

  • We advise on domicile and residence matters to enable individuals to understand their UK tax position and reporting obligations. We also help those who want to remain or become either UK resident or UK non-resident
  • We assist non-doms to get to grips with the complex tax regime that applies to them, explaining the opportunities and helping them avoid the pitfalls
  • We provide guidance on offshore trusts and other holding structures and advise on UK trust and tax matters as they affect the settlor, trustees and beneficiaries
  • If you have assets, eg a holiday home, abroad, we can help you navigate the foreign succession and tax laws so that your assets go to the right beneficiaries and you do not end up paying tax in two different countries unnecessarily
  • We can help if you live outside the UK but want to invest in UK real estate, a business or other investments in a tax efficient manner, or if you want to help family members who live in the UK
  • We have expertise in helping entrepreneurs and business owners whose personal and business connections span a number of countries

Business Owners and Business Structuring

We help resident and non-resident business owners meet their commercial and family objectives in an efficient way.


Investment in the UK

We help non-residents wishing to invest in real estate or other assets in the UK.


International Pensions

Globally mobile executives may build up pensions in various countries or be a member of an international pension scheme. We can help you navigate the complex tax landscape.


US/UK Planning

Individuals with family or property connections in both the UK and US face special challenges. Working with US advisors we can guide you on opportunities and how to avoid pitfalls.


Cross-Border Succession

We can assist non-UK nationals and anyone with property in other countries to ensure that their estate goes to their chosen beneficiaries, and tax efficiently given the various jurisdictions involved.


Offshore Trusts

Offshore trusts often feature in the tax and succession planning of non-resident and non-domiciled individuals. We can help guide you and your trustees on all aspects of offshore trusts, from set up to final distribution.


The Remittance Basis

UK resident non-domiciliaries are eligible for favourable tax treatment. We can help you understand the regime and how it fits in with any other jurisdictions relevant to you.


Residence and Domicile

We can help you to become or cease to be UK resident and advise on keeping or changing your domicile.