Our Expertise

Protecting the Vulnerable and Elderly: Attorneys and Deputyships

We can advise you on a broad range of matters regarding mental capacity, property and financial affairs, health and welfare, and the Court of Protection.

With advances in medicine and technology, individuals are living longer and mental health is a growing concern be it for ourselves, our family or our friends. Appointing someone to ensure your finances will be properly looked in case you lose capacity is of vital importance.

We are able to assist with all matters relating to mental capacity and in particular:

  • Advice on Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs), which declare who a person’s appointed attorneys shall be if they no longer have capacity to administer their own financial affairs or make decisions regarding their health and welfare
  • Assistance with the administration of personal injury trusts and acting as trustee to support individuals who have suffered significant personal injuries and require assistance with the management of their finances
  • Acting for individuals where they have lost capacity and an application to the Court of Protection is required to administer their affairs
  • In circumstances where no provision has been made for a loss of capacity, we are able to assist with applications to the Court of Protection for a deputy to be appointed. We assist lay persons to be appointed and often appoint our firm’s trust corporation (New Quadrant Trust Corporation Limited) to be appointed as a joint deputy. This provides our clients with the freedom and security to administer their loved one’s affairs with the support and knowledge that they have a professional deputy alongside them to rely on
  • We also advise on a number of other Court of Protection matters including applications to execute statutory Wills, litigation friend proceedings, and litigation support statements

Litigation Support Statements

We prepare litigation support statements to assist with challenging financial issues in complex Court of Protection and personal injury litigation.


Personal Injury Trusts

We can advise on how to structure and administer a personal injury trust to suit your circumstances. Our trust corporation can also be appointed as a professional trustee to help you administer your funds.


Litigation Friend in Court of Protection Proceedings

We can act as litigation friend in Court of Protection proceedings, or, if you have been appointed as litigation friend, we can help advise you on your role.


Court of Protection Applications

We have extensive experience of applications to the Court of Protection regarding deputyship appointments, statutory Will and codicil applications, and gift applications.


Deputyships – Lay Deputies

We can assist a lay person with an application to the Court of Protection to be appointed as a deputy.


Deputyships – Our Trust Corporation

Our trust corporation can act as a professional deputy alone or together with a lay person to administer a protected party’s financial affairs.


Powers of Attorney

We can prepare and register Lasting Powers of Attorney for you to protect against loss of mental capacity. We also have experience in dealing with disputed powers of attorney and Court of Protection hearings.