Month: November 2021

Citywealth Live – New Quadrant’s Sophie Voelcker talks with Karen Jones

Sophie Voelcker was Citywealth Karen Jones’ guest in a recent You Tube video for the Citywealth Live series. The two chat about Sophie’s current workload interspersed with topics as diverse as how a morning cappuccino but camomile tea for the rest of the day keeps her going; her weekly Pilates reformer session being her essential time out; some insights into what a “Trust” and an “OEIC” is and why to use. She also talks about how New Quadrant is not just about transactions but looking after families over the generations. Sophie’s key message to younger viewers is “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”; so go for what you want. Sophie names The Holborn Dining Room as her favourite restaurant for client meetings and the always sunny Malta being the place she considers a second home.

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